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Hotel accommodation is our forte! We offer hotel accommodation for all our customers' needs at the best possible price!!! We specialize in 3*** to 4**** Hotels in the Costa Brava and Costa del Maresme, but we also provide hotel accommodation anywhere in Spain (Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Sevilla, Malaga…etc…).

Please check out our destinations page to learn more about the different location choices! In addition, we can also provide accommodation that fits everyone needs: youth hostels, 1* star, 2**stars, 3***stars, 4**** starts, 5***** Star Hotels, apartments, or houses throughout Spain.


We can even find for you the most beautiful Villas in the most amazing corners of Catalonia. Should you be interested in accommodation in any of them, please send us an email for a free quote for our amazing rates!!!!



New Wave can assist you with all your transportation needs while you are on vacation. No matter is you are thinking about a roundtrip throughout Spain by bus for a whole group of people, or maybe you want to set up an excursion for you and few other people around our destinations, we can help you with that.

We partner with professional, competent and safe bus companies to provide the best service to our clients, no matter if they are small group that needs to be picked up at an airport and taken to their hotel, or groups of more people that need to have an excursion in Barcelona. In addition of coach hire, we can also provide transportation for individual clients.




We have lots of experience working with Middle Schools, High Schools, Universities, and/or other types of youth groups designing their trips to any of our destinations in Spain.

When the group contacts us, we start working with the group leaders to find out what kind of “experience” they are interested on. For instance, there may be a group of students interested in taking classes in Spanish while enjoying the beaches of Costa Maresme…well we can design an itinerary to meet their meets, including Spanish Classes in Spanish Language schools of the area, as well as hotel accommodation, bus transfers and any other needed services. We also put together packages for students interested in the Spanish and or Catalan culture that would like to visit emblematic museums, monuments within our destination areas. Other groups may be more interested in Beach and Night Life….well, we can also help with that also; we can provide accommodation in hotels of the coolest spots and even provide cards for the youth group to visits the best discos of the area!!

We are confident that no matter the reason for your youth group trip, we can put together an itinerary that will meet and exceed your expectations.


We have years of experience putting together great itineraries for groups of adults that wanted to travel to or around Spain with us.

There are many different options for Adults groups…here are some of them, but not all of them: Roundtrips throughout Spain, accommodation for groups of families that want to spend their vacation enjoying the best beaches of the Mediterranean Sea (Costa Brava or Costa Maresme); groups of adults that want to discover beautiful cities and surrounding areas, like Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, etc…; adult groups that want to discover the beautiful country side of Catalunya and or Spain…places like Galicia, Asturias, etc….; religious groups of adults interested in traveling through the most charismatic religious places within Spain and south of France (like “Camino de Santiago”), or pilgrims. For all the groups, we will provide the transportation, hotel accommodation, guides, etc...


Tell us your needs and we will come up with the best option for your needs!! There is nothing that we can´t do!!


If you or your company is trying to set up an incentive trip, look no further, we can do it for you.

Depending on your needs you will be able to choose from a wide variety of choices…but of course always keeping in mind the goal that you have for the trip (the goal being Team Work encouragement, or any other one that you may have in mind).

We can set up your hotel stay, meeting rooms, adventure activities, cultural activities, sightseeing, group meals in great restaurants, etc.


Sometimes, we don´t have the luxury to spend more than a weekend off to discover the city of our dreams…well, we can assure you if you decide to trust us with it, we can make of your weekend, one that you will remember for many years to come.

Through New Wave, you will be able to discover cities like Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Sevilla, Cordoba, etc….Beautiful cities with plenty of things to visit, see and enjoy…as well as tasting their excellent food.

We can set you up with airport transfer, hotel accommodation; sighting seeing, guides, entrance tickets to museums/monuments of your choosing during your weekend in your dream city!



New Wave has many years of experience of Tours design. When our clients call us with their needs for a tour that they are thinking about taking, we will take that information and come back to them with various options that fit their needs.


We can create tours from Spain that you will certainly enjoy. For instance, tours through the Mediterranean coast of Spain, including places like Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga. Or maybe a tour to learn more about the Arabic influence in the Spanish architecture… the tour could start in Madrid then Toledo, Cordoba, Sevilla, Granada and other southern cities/towns. Of course if you are more interested in discovering the north of Spain, we can set up tours through the Basque Country, Asturias, Galicia….etc.. Or maybe you are interested in a Wine trail….contact us and we will help you with that.


Of course the tours will also include hotel accommodation, guides, transportation and entrance to the monuments/museums of your choosing!!!


We have touristic and official guides that will be sure to take care of you and explain to you everything you want and or need to know about every city/monument…and yes, we certainly have one that speaks your language…no matter which one that is. We also have multilingual assistant guides that can help you with anything you need during your trip….from meeting you at the airport and taking you to your hotel, to help you with your hotel check in.


During your holiday in Spain, we can offer you many different excursion choices to learn more about the location where you are staying, or surrounding areas!




Spain offers you many different things to do and see….no matter where you decide to spend your holiday, you are sure to have lots of things to go…and we can help you in getting the best value for your money!!

The following are some examples of what we can provide for you:


MUSEU / MONUMENTS ENTRANCE: We can set up group visits to world renowned museums like the Figueres Dalí Museum, the Museum Picasso in Barcelona, the Olympic stadium in Barcelona, the Miró Museum in Barcelona, the Prado Museum in Madrid, etc…. The Sagrada Família in Barcelona, the Alhambra in Granada, the “Mezquita” in Cordoba, the Royal Palace in Madrid, etc… We can also set up entrance to: Concerts (pop, rock, R&B, Jazz…any type of genre), Football Matches (Spanish league Matches, Kings cup Matcher or Champions League Matches…with the best teams out there, like FC Barcelona!!) Theme Parks and other parks: like Port Aventura in Salou, Warner Park in Madrid, Marineland (Palafolls), Water World (Lloret de Mar) .




One of the things we most enjoy doing, is setting up concerts for groups of foreign music students (adults or youth) that want to travel to our Catalunya to sing and play their instruments.

Every summer time we coordinate concerts for music student groups in the Costa Brava / Costa Maresme /Barcelona area. We set up concerts for all kind of music….classical, choirs, wind instrument bands, rock bands, R&B bands, etc… Of course depending on the type of music the group play, we decide the perfect venue for each concert to be as successful as possible. Venue examples could be: The Barcelona Cathedral (for religious choirs), the beautiful Tossa de Mar Promenade, The old town of Hostalric, Lloret the Mar, Calella, The Girona Cathedral (only religious choirs), Malgrat de Mar, Hotels and others…




Many times we have had requests for foreign group that come to our country because of religious reasons and during their stay they ask us to set up church Mass for them.

We have done this many times, and every time has been a success….depending on the location of the group, we find a church that meets the group needs and we coordinate everything, so the group has the best experience possible!




Sun and Beach is our forte! We can't control the sun but we can surely assist with the fun!

New Wave Serveis Turístics can offer you hotel accommodation at the best rate, within the most beautiful towns of the northeast coast of Spain. Costa Brava, Costa Maresme and Costa Daurada are very well known for their incredible beaches, culture, food and night life…and we can set up everything for you!! We can guarantee that if you book through us, you will have the best beach vacation possible!! Check out our Destination Page where you will be able to see our all our Sun and Beach destinations!!!




New Wave can also set up Sport Events for its clients, such as: Football Tournaments for youth groups in the Costa Brava / Costa Maresme area.

Sport Adventure Activities for group, like paintball, wall climbing, archery, volleyball, mini golf, diving, rafting, kayaking, wind surfing, Rugby, etc…For more information, please contact us!!