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Welcome to New Wave Travel Solutions

At New Wave, we're more than just a travel agency — we're a family-owned business dedicated to transforming your journeys into unforgettable experiences. Established with a passion for redefining travel, we bring a personal touch to every adventure.

flat lay photography of camera, book, and bag
flat lay photography of camera, book, and bag
airplanes window view of sky during golden hour
airplanes window view of sky during golden hour

Our Vision

As a family-owned enterprise, our vision extends beyond providing services; we aim to create a global community where every journey is an immersive and cherished memory. Whether you're yearning for the sun-kissed beaches of Spain, the thrill of a Formula 1 race, or a tailor-made school trip, New Wave is your trusted family partner in travel business.

Why YOU should Choose New Wave

  1. Personalization: Experience the warmth of our family touch in every itinerary, carefully crafted to reflect your unique preferences and needs.

  2. Comprehensive Services: From seamless transportation to handpicked accommodations and curated excursions, we ensure every aspect of your travel experience is handled with the care of a family member.

  3. Passion-Driven Team: Our family of travel enthusiasts is here to turn your ordinary journeys into extraordinary adventures. Join us as we share our passion for exploration and discovery.

Our Team

People and culture

At New Wave, we believe that exceptional service begins with people. Our dedicated team, fueled by a passion for travel and genuine care, is committed to ensuring that your journey is not just a trip but an experience crafted with thoughtfulness and warmth.

New wave is your Destination Management Company since 2006 ​
Natalia Ferreres Santana

CEO & Owner

John Leeflang

General Manager

Noelia Ferreres Leeflang

Junior Manager

At New Wave, we understand that the heart of every memorable journey lies in the people you encounter and the service you receive. Join us, and let's embark on a journey where exceptional service transforms travel dreams into reality.